Travel Vaccinations

for all your health needs

The STA Travel Clinic can take care of all of your travel health needs, and offers a full range of travel vaccinations, anti-malarials and expert advice.
We have various clinic that offer travel vaccinations at competitive prices to ensure you stay safe whilst you travel. If you are the owner of an ISIC, IYTC OR ITIC discount card we even offer a further 10% off!
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  • Convenience

    No waiting in a doctor’s surgery with other sick people just before you go on holiday!

  • Professional staff

    Our qualified nurses have experience in this specialised area of medicine

  • Easy booking

    Consultations are usually available at short notice, even close to your departure date


Current Travel Clinic Locations

We have clinics in our London Victoria, Liverpool, Manchester Deansgate, Leeds, Bristol and Southampton STA Travel stores.