Land Transport

Car hire, taxis, transfers and rail

Business Travel by STA Travel's travel management service is able to fulfil any aspect of your business travel requirements. We offer transfers, taxis, car rental, airport parking and lounge passes, rail tickets and more. Our competitive rates ensure your travel arrangements are the best value for money.
Transfers, taxis, cabs, car hire & airport parking
  • Airport Transfers

    Jump into your transfer at your door & arrive at the airport with plenty of time for duty-free with the money you've saved. International or domestic transfers!

  • Taxis

    No more stress-filled taxis and you no longer need to queue in the endless line! Pre-book, alter and confirm your international taxi at the click of a button.

  • Car Hire

    Prefer to see the city by driving yourself? We can arrange whatever style of wheels you fancy before leaving your destination.

  • Rail Tickets

    We can book any UK or international train. Whether it's a high-speed Japanese bullet train or the Eurostar to Paris, speak to your Business Travel Expert!

  • Airport Parking

    Want to drop your car at the airport and return after business with your keys handed to you at the door? No problem!

  • Coaches

    International or domestic, 100s of passengers for a conference or 2 for the airport, you can book your coach travel here.