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Need to measure your carbon footprint, track your miles or assess your monthly travel spend? Find all these features and more as standard with Business Travel by STA Travel's reporting tool.
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For reporting purposes our "STAts" allow a complete view of travel activity. Your Travel Arrangers/Managers can report by department or cost code or PO number, providing access to booking and fare information for travel costs analysis. This helps you to achieve cost savings through tracking and enforcing compliance. As a ‘Trip Approver’ you can also use your mobile device to approve trip requests, view expense reports and update the status of trips and expenses.

How our services can help you!

Whatever industry, processing expenses can be a hassle, but not with us. Your staff can set up expense reports on their mobile device or tablet, this allows users to take pictures of their receipts and add the necessary details. This gets automatically assigned to the correct department, which means your travellers can submit their expenses anywhere in the world!